No Medical Exam Plans for Former Cancer Patients!

Surviving cancer is something really remarkable and not so many are capable of that. It takes many years of treatment and an iron will to get through all medical procedures. Not to mention that you must have enough money to pay for all medical care. Budget is not usually the first thing that comes in our mind when we are sick, but we should never neglect the financial aspect.

cancer patientsEconomic stability should also be a top priority for any cancer patient or cancer survivor. Unfortunately, only no medical exam plans are available and this is only for former cancer patients.  Most likely, cancer survivors will receive guaranteed acceptance no exam life insurance, which provides permanent protection, but limited amounts of coverage.

Companies are still reluctant to provide appropriate insurance to cancer survivors. Many of these carriers regard them as actual cancer sufferers, not former patients.  So, you may get a few surprises on your quest of finding insurance. You will be treated with respect and you will have more credibility when you will negotiate with no medical exam life insurance retailers.

Still, they will be interested about your past and current health status. It is relevant to know what type of cancer you had, because it will help the company assess the risks and determine the final price for premiums. All forms of cancer are dangerous, but some of them are usually lethal. It is easier to treat and get rid of a breast or testicular cancer than a lung cancer or a brain cancer. And the permanent effects of the treatments are different.

So, a thoroughly analysis will be needed. Also, some of the insurers will ask you if you are taking any medication, if you are under follow-up care or if you received recommendations from the medics that treated you.

Furthermore, you will be asked about the medics that treated you and which sort of treatment you had undergone.  It is not easy to issue a policy for a former cancer patient, but cooperation and honesty will help you get life insurance.

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