Smoking At The Age Of 60 And Life Insurance Policy!

 Smoking is bad for your health but also for your life insurance rates! Although using tobacco will not prevent you from getting life coverage, its subsequent health effects may, especially if you are a senior. Seniors who have been heavy smokers throughout their life may find their medical old-man-smoking-432510condition severely affected by their vice, which means reduced eligibility for coverage!

Can seniors get life insurance?

Elderly life insurance is available for people who are over 60. Most insurance agencies offer standard plans for people under the age of 65 years, but you can also find plans for people who have passed that age. Since age is an important factor in determining the premiums, seniors should expect to get life coverage at increased rates!

Life insurance and cigarettes

Smoking will always have a negative impact during the underwriting process. Only by smoking, you double or triple your premiums which can increase even further if your medical condition is not good.

The amount of cigarettes you smoke each day, week or month does not matter in most of the cases. Occasional smokers will get the same rates as a pack-a-day smoker. You will be considered a non-smoker if you have abstained from any tobacco products (cigarettes, cigars, nicotine patches, chewing tobacco) for at least one year!

How can smoking affect your life insurance policy?

It is essential to understand all the direct and indirect effects smoking has on your elderly life insurance policy.

  • It makes it more expensive! Smoking will double or even triple your life insurance rates from the start! Even if you are perfectly healthy, you will still not be able to get preferred plus rates (the cheapest ones) as long as you smoke.
  • It affects your eligibility! If you have been a smoker for a long period of years, your health may have suffered the negative effects of tobacco and nicotine. If your lungs, heart and other organs are affected, you may not be eligible for a plan!

In conclusion, smoking as a senior can make getting life coverage a lot more difficult. It is best to quit it altogether before applying for a policy!

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